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Zomer 2018

Deze editie: Inga Paltser  volop bekend van haar getekende kaartjes en dan voornamelijk de uiltjes. Echter is zij zelf niet diegene die bepaald welke kaartjes gedrukt worden. Dat doet de drukker. Ze tekent dus gewoon en dan is het afwachten. Hieronder heeft ze wat vragen beantwoordt zodat je haar beter kan leren kennen. Dit is wel in het Engels en omdat ze nog op Engelse les zit kan het zijn dat het wat gebrekkig Engels is.

Why/how did you decide to start illustrating? Where did you learn to draw like this?

I always painted as much as I can remember. My mother is an artist-designer, teacher in an art school. Therefore in my childhood I always had artistic materials to draw. At the age of eleven I went to the art school of my native city. There I studied for 5 years.


Is illustrating your job or is it just a hobby?

For a very long time I combined the main work at the institute and drawing. Of course, initially the drawing was just a hobby. About a year ago I quit my job and became a freelancer. So my hobby became a favorite work.


What do you do when you are not illustrating?

I usually have a lot of different creative projects, connected not only with the drawing. Sometimes I paint on a tree, sew, draw on the walls. I like to try something new and do self-development.


What inspires you?

Music, in the first place, I think. Friends, acquaintances, favorite actors, casual beautiful people ... The source of inspiration can appear from anywhere: in a dream, as impressions of some meetings, trips. You never know what you can accumulate to create a new character.


How much time do you spend on one illustration? (On average)

I like to paint "at once" - never postpone for later. Therefore, I do not have large, large-scale works. It is important for me that the idea that visited me is realized immediately. Watercolor is very fast, beautiful and, most importantly, unpredictable. On average, I spend 1-2 hours per character.


What is the top 3 tools you use?

I prefer watercolor paper «torschon», synthetic brushes and hard watercolors in cuvettes. Often in my works I use liners of different thicknesses. They are not washed away with water, it is very convenient.


Most people know you for your owls. What are other things you draw?

Recently, I do not paint owls. I do not understand artists who draw the same characters, calling it their style. I'm interested in looking for new images. By education I am a biologist, therefore the theme of the animal world is very close to me: foxes, koalas, seals ... I like to invent images of different fairies, princesses. But, of course, owls became the most popular)).


Do you get a lot of fan mail?

Yes, I get a lot of messages on social networks. Messages come not only from Russia, but from all over the world. Actively influenced the promotion of my creativity exchange postcards around the world - postcrossing. Many collectors collect postcards with my characters. They write to me from China, India, Japan, and Hawaii asking them to send them postcards. And, of course, from the Netherlands 😊


What do you think of having fans all over the world.

I am very pleased to read questions about creativity and gratitude. I answer all. And I always send postcards to those who wish.


What is your own favorite illustration and why?

It is very difficult to single out one illustration. Every new becomes a favorite. Then some time passes and she ceases to like. I think it's because we are changing, and work is often a reflection of us at the moment. Our feelings and desires.


Do you have advice for people on how to make it in the world of creativity?

To all those who are engaged in creativity or just planning to do this, I advise you to always do what you like most. Do not imitate others, invent your own. Do not chase trends and do not listen to advice. Do so that you like the result in the first place. Only in this case you can succeed.


What is your dream when it comes to being creative?

I already have one book I illustrated. This is a small book with stories about owls. I hope to make illustrations for a big and beautiful book in the future.




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